Now that Flash has met Supergirl, will Arrow be far behind?

The moment Kara Danvers met Barry Allen, all of Twitter was on fire. From the #SupergirlXTheFlash hashtag to the response to Benoist and Gustin's natural chemistry, the response was immediate: the fans loved it.

According to Greg Berlanti, executive producer of both The Flash and Supergirl, that moment took a lot of time and planning.

As he explained to ComicBookResources at a recent press event, “We always wanted to do it… From the day we cast Melissa, the notion of her in scenes with Grant […]There was a similar tonality to the shows.”

Berlanti even hinted that Arrowverse could be in Kara's future. Now that the door to crossovers has been cracked open, the possibilities are endless.

“[Flash] was the only one who had the capacity to really open that door and hopefully now it's open. In a perfect world, it probably would have been both of them — it's not just The Flash, it's Arrow, too. But logistically that would have been a nightmare at this point in the year to try and do it to both shows.”

I know that's not a confirmation of any kind, but all I hear is FlarrowGirl. Which sounds amazing. If the plan is to work in Stephen Amell and the Arrowverse somewhere down the line, it opens up more crossover options. AJ Kriesberg even comments on whether Legends Of Tomorrow might delve into the Supergirl story.

“The Waverider can do and go anywhere”.

Oh man, I just had this image of Sarah and Kara meeting. 

All of that aside, nothing's planned for the immediate future, but the response to the episode makes me hopeful that fans who want to see more of Kara and Barry or Flash and Supergirl (or a dream sequence musical number?) will get the chance.