19 years ago today: Superman got hitched

Today, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary.

It was on October 6, 1996 that Dean Cain”s Clark and Teri Hatcher”s Lois got married in an episode of “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” Three days later, DC Comics released “Superman: The Wedding Album” (an issue with a cover date of December 1996). It was the first time Lois and Clark got married in the comics for realsies. Only took them 58 years. Previous weddings had ended with “it was all a dream” or the like.

Here”s the TV wedding moment that aired 19 years ago. Savor that “90s cheese.

Other notable October 6 happenings in pop culture history:

• 1847: “Jane Eyre” was published, at the time bearing the pseudonym Currer Bell.

• 1927: The first feature-length film with synchronized dialogue, “The Jazz Singer” held its premiere in New York City, scheduled to coincide with Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday featured prominently in the movie.

• 1948: Tennessee Williams play “Summer and Smoke” opened on Broadway.

• 1967: Jimi Hendrix performed on BBC 1 radio show “Top Gear” with then-17-year-old Stevie Wonder on drums. They played “Jammin”” and Wonder”s “I Was Made To Love Her.”