One ‘Game of Thrones’ actor would like to apologize for last night

Did you watch last night's Game of Thrones? If not, then read no further, because spoilers abound. If so, then …

scroll down …

okay, I think we're at a safe spoiler distance but just in case …

… omg Jon Snow is alive again! Despite the efforts of HBO and his portrayer, Kit Harington, to make us all think Jon was permanently dead, by the time Jon took that breath at the end of last night's episode, I think most people knew it was coming. 

But Harington really did try to convince us that he wasn't coming back to the show. He told Entertainment Weekly last year “I'm dead. I'm not coming back next season.” Then, when it was obvious that he was going to be on the new season because he'd been seen on the set, he said it was simply to do a few scenes as a corpse.

Well, now Harington would like to say something else: “Sorry!”

He told Entertainment Weekly that yes, he was “lying to everyone,” but he was heartened to see how upset people were when they thought Jon might be gone for good, because it meant that “something I'm doing, or that the show is doing, for Jon is right.” 

Harington said producers told him to act like, for all intents and purposes, his character had been killed off and he was looking for work. HBO executives happily played a role as well, repeatedly insisting that Jon “is indeed dead.” Unlike Harington, they weren't actually lying, as Snow was indeed dead. Just not permanently.