Patrick Wilson teases his ‘Fargo’ Season 2 accent and more

01.28.15 4 years ago

PARK CITY. That moment when you do an interview about a movie you haven't seen to get the chance to briefly talk about a TV show that has barely begun production. 

So it was that on Tuesday (January 27) afternoon, I found myself standing on a balcony off of Park City's Main Street chatting with Patrick Wilson about the sex-themed political thriller “Zipper,” which wouldn't premiere until Tuesday night. 

Wilson's an interesting actor and “Zipper” has such a strong cast that I was more than happy to chat with its lead, as well as Dianna Agron, Richard Dreyfuss and director/co-writer Mora Stephens. But I'd be lying if I said that the chance to chat with Wilson after his first week of production on FX's “Fargo” wasn't a big inducement. 

“Fargo” was my favorite TV show of 2014 and Wilson is joining the new ensemble cast playing Lou Solverson, the younger version of Keith Carradine's character from the first season. 

Pushing Wilson for spoilers probably wouldn't have accomplished anything, but as rain began to fall, we were able to talk about channelling his inner Carradine, the elements that convinced him to take the role and the amount of Minnesota accent he'll be attempting. 

It's just basic stuff, but he seemed excited to talk a little about it, so check out that interview chunk above. 

The “Zipper” stuff will post in the next day or two.

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