Peter Jackson Apparently Turned Down The Chance To Direct A Recent Blockbuster Comic Book Movie

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While Amazon is busying itself with its upcoming massive Lord of the Rings television series, the man who directed the trilogy of movies, Peter Jackson, has been spending his time on documentaries. The Shall Not Grow Old, about the Second World War, came out in December, while his upcoming film about the Beatles is still in the works. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he’s abandoned scripted or fantastical titles altogether. In fact, according to a recent interview with Empire, he was offered the chance to helm Aquaman. Twice.

Per the New Zealand native’s comments to Empire, it was former Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara who offered him the director’s chair for Aquaman on two occasions:

“He said, ‘Are you a fan of Aquaman?’ I said, ‘No.’ Six months later: ‘Peter, are you a fan of Aquaman?’ I said, ‘No, Kevin, I already told you this’,” Jackson recalls. “I’m not a superhero guy. I read Tintin… Look, films are hard. I only want to make something that I have a deep passion for.” It seems for now, Jackson is more than content working on his documentaries, telling Empire: “I don’t really anticipate making another theatrical film for a year or two.”

Speaking of Tintin, Jackson sadly didn’t offer any news of his and collaborator Steven Spielberg’s potential sequel to their 2011 adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel series. Back in October, he told Polygon he was “intending to” work on it “in the new year.” As for Aquaman as-is, with its enormous box office gross and planned sequel and spin-off, director James Wan did a perfectly fine job of it.

(Via Empire)