Watch the Pixies blow up their guitarist in new video ‘What Goes Boom’

First Kim Deal, now Joey Santiago. No, the Pixies’ guitarist didn’t leave the band, but he’s a casualty in its new music video for “What Goes Boom.” At the 2:29 mark, poor Santiago explodes into red sci-fi dust. Watch the video here or below.

A song off the veteran rock band’s recent “EP-1,” “What Goes Boom” buzzes with heavy, noisy guitars. In the video, Santiago hikes through a desolate desert until he meets his untimely end. “EP-1” is the Pixies first release after the departure of founding member and bassist Deal, who has spent the year touring with her other band, The Breeders.

Frontman Black Francis told NPR, who premiered the video today, that “the song is about a girl, a girl who plays the bass guitar.” Hmm, an aggressive metal-tinged song about a bassist. Wonder who that could be?