Playing for both teams: These actors have been in Marvel AND DC projects

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is supposed to give us the gladiator fight of the century. But the real competition we have our eye on here is Marvel vs. DC, Disney vs. Warner Bros.

With these business rivals clawing for the hearts and pocketbooks of comic book fans and mainstream audiences alike, it”s easy to see Marvel and DC as opposing camps with loyal, flagship characters and stars.

But plenty of actors have been friendly with both Marvel and DC. With the release of Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck joins the ranks of actors who have been in movies/TV based on characters from the pages of both comic book giants. Affleck”s Batman comes after the actor brought Daredevil to the big screen in 2003.

Affleck”s BvS co-star Laurence Fishburne also had Marvel on his resume before taking on the role of Daily Planet editor Perry White in Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman made one other actor a member of the Marvel-DC crossover club. In the gallery below, find out who that actor is in the MCU and who are some of the other actors have taken on both DC- and Marvel-based characters.