Radiohead finally performing ‘King of Limbs’ live, on TV

Aside from an official music video, the limited-run Universal Sigh newspaper and the physical release date, Radiohead has done little in the way of promoting their newest album “King of Limbs.” Until now.

The British band will be performing the new album front-to-back in the BBC special “King of Limbs: Live From The Basement.” The From The Basement series is a podcast helmed by frequent Radiohead collaborator and “King of Limbs” producer Nigel Godrich, in which he and his team film band within a studio setting for broadcast on the internet or — obviously, when appropriate — licensed to TV.

The live broadcast of “Basement” airs on July 1; the 55-minute set will be the 40-minute album and then, apparently, whatever the band wants, whether its behind-the-scenes footage, new songs, old songs or silence.

It marks the only time the band has performed on television in 2011, as well as the only time they’ve played “King” live to an audience this year.

As previously reported, Radiohead recently released a single of new music, “The Butcher/Supercollider” on Record Store Day last month. Check out their meme-ready music video to “Lotus Flower” here.