A ‘Walking Dead’ Star Was Convinced Fans Would Hate Her Following Rick Grimes’ Exit


Rick Grimes would not have survived his final episode of The Walking Dead (or appear in any of the future made-for-television specials) were it not for Jadis/Anne and her “A” or “B” helicopter. Still, the actress who plays her was convinced that fans of the AMC zombie series were going to hate her.

“I found out five months before I was leaving the show that I was going to be going off and I was like, ‘Oh, bummer.’ And then in a conversation, they said, ‘But you’re going to go in a way that I think you’ll like.’ And it became a revelation that I was going to be taking him way,” Pollyanna McIntosh said at San Jose Fan Fest. “And when I originally heard that in that conversation, I thought, ‘Huh, I’m gonna be really, really hated.’ Like, ‘That’s scary.’ Then I thought, ‘That’s kind of thrilling.’ Because what a new, strange experience.”

(Don’t tell that to Josh McDermitt or Laurie Holden or Seth Gilliam.)

McIntosh was concerned about viewer reaction (most have acted “incredibly generously” since the episode), but she also “felt really lucky and excited to get to do it. We all love [Andrew Lincoln] so much, so to be part of that in that way was really thrilling.” And now she’ll join him in the movies centered on Rick Grimes, who’s the real bad guy in all this. Don’t hate Anne/Jadis, fans; hate the guy who buried the coolest Walking Dead zombie ever in garbage.

(Via Comic Book)