A ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Has Quit Social Media After Receiving Death Threats From ‘Fans’

05.02.17 2 years ago 24 Comments

No one should need to be reminded of this, but clearly some on social media have not yet received the message: Actors are not the same as the characters they play. Actors are real people. On television or on movies, they play a part. Do not confuse the actor with the character.

The latest to suffer from the King Joffrey effect is Josh McDermitt, who plays Eugene, the mullet-haired wonder on The Walking Dead. By all accounts, McDermitt is a nice guy. I’ve heard him on podcasts. He’s smart and funny and personable. His character on The Walking Dead, however, is a self-confessed coward, a man who turned on his friends to spare his own life. Whether the rest of us would choose the same path as Eugene on The Walking Dead is irrelevant here, however, because Eugene is not a real person.

Josh McDermitt is.

Nevertheless, some folks on social media have seen fit to treat McDermitt as though he is Eugene, and they have begun to attack him for the misdeeds of his character.

McDermitt received death threats because of something his character did on a fictional show set in a fictional world where zombies exist.

The harassment got so intense for McDermitt that the actor eventually chose to quit all of social media. He pulled down his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages, which contained scores of candid photos, messages and witticisms. Before he deleted his social media accounts, however, he did leave one message:

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