Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig officially returning for Bond 24

It is official, or at least as official as an official Twitter account makes it – Bond 24 is happening. The official James Bond Twitter account (@007, if you were wondering) tweeted this morning that Bond 24 is going to open in the US on November 6, 2015 and two weeks earlier in the UK. Not only that, but Daniel Craig is on board to play the debonair secret agent, John Logan is writing the screenplay, and Sam Mendes will be directing once more.
Rumors had gone around that Mendes would be returning, but the official announcement is sure to bring much joy to the 007 faithful. 
Craig’s first appearance, the “Casino Royale” reboot, found a lot of critical (and commercial) success, but follow-up “Quantum of Solace” was not as universally loved. Craig’s third appearance however, last year’s “Skyfall,” was a return to form for the franchise and Mendes was generally applauded for his handling of the movie and 007’s legacy. 
Now that the official announcement of the film, director, and star have been made, we will have to wait and see how the other pieces fall into place. Will we see a return of Ralph Fiennes’ Mallory or Ben Whishaw’s Q or Naomie Harris’ Eve? “Skyfall” certainly hinted at what the future of the franchise may bring and it will be interesting to see how closely Bond 24 follows on the heels of that movie and the pieces it put into place.
Bond 24, as noted, opens November 6, 2015. Can you wait that long or will you be flying to London to see it on October 23rd of the same year?