Samantha Bee Teases Her ‘Full Frontal’ Interview With Glenn Beck

12.18.16 3 years ago

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck probably wasn’t counting on spending 2016 pleading with anyone who would listen to halt the GOP nominee and eventual president-elect, but here we are. If the political climate has reached a point where Glenn Beck is in fear of how to the right America is, you know things have taken a ridiculous shift. That’s how we get sights like these teases for Beck’s sit-down with human accountability tracker Samantha Bee.

Beck will be joining the Daily Show alum for a Full Frontal sit-down on December 19th and this quick look-in confirms festive sweaters will be involved. There are two brief teases for what the TBS series is billing as “liberal comedian interviews conservative pundit: the ultimate meet-cute.” Both parties are cheery, friendly and acutely aware that this dynamic seems batsh*t bananacakes.

“You and me, together. Is this how you pictured end times?,” asks Bee.

“It IS!” responds Beck. “A lot like this. A lot like this.”

It’s bound to be a fascinating dynamic and Bee’s razor-sharp approach is likely to pull some important discussion out of the two of them. If you’re going to have “two media figures eyeing each other suspiciously in Christmas sweaters,” you could certainly do worse. Plus, Glenn Beck really pulls of that Santa beefcake (beef&fruitcake?) sweater, which is an added draw.

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