Samantha Bee Does Her Best To Sort Out The Fiction And Reality Behind Voter Fraud

Voter fraud was a big topic during and after the election, especially when the president-elect is citing extremely fake statistics to discuss fraud in an election that he won. Election 2016 is the gift that keeps on giving, even when you’ve said your safe word. And with that continued focus, that means our late night hosts will continue down that same path. Given, Samantha Bee and The Daily Show are always going to be about politics. It just kinda kills the humor part of the show when it’s nothing but complaining.

But Samantha Bee does her best here while talking about the history of this voter fraud myth and some of the real aspects of voting that could be tampered with during an election. It seemed like most of the people who cited voter fraud during this election went too far into Tammany Hall, shave their heads and have them vote again territory. Poll watching became some valiant deed, people were all pointing at Russia, and Alex Jones was considered a viable news source by the guy poised to run the nation.

But it goes back further than just this election. It’s just an aspect that has been given a shot and a few spotlights thanks to the internet, social media, and people running for office who don’t know any better. Wonderful for people that love conspiracy theories, though. If you’re watching Loose Change on repeat, this election and the craziness that has followed has been right up your alley.

(Via Full Frontal)