‘She-Hulk,’ ‘Ms. Marvel,’ And ‘Moon Knight’ Shows Are Coming To Disney+

All eyes were on D23 in Anaheim on Friday as Disney fans hoped they would get a first look at footage from The Mandalorian. But before Disney took fans to a galaxy far, far away they gave Marvel fans a look at some more content they’ll be getting on Disney+ when the streaming service drops later this year.

D23 was abuzz on Friday night when three new Marvel shows were officially announced, the biggest surprise of those being She-Hulk.

Another female-driven Marvel show, Ms. Marvel, got the official unveil on Friday night as well.

One nice note here: Kamala Kahn will show up in the MCU movies as well as the show.

That show certainly wasn’t as big as a surprise as She Hulk, though many fans had glamoured for another Big Green Guy Person in the MCU. Disney had one more show to drop: Moon Knight.

Though no clear timeline was given for the MCU shows, the trio join Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision as Marvel shows heading straight to Disney+.

Phase Four of the MCU certainly looks full of possibilities right now.

We’re sure to get much more detail about the shows, and who will play who, in the coming months. But Disney clearly seems to be covering its bases when it comes to making Disney+ a must-have for Marvel fans.