Should Norm MacDonald Replace Craig Ferguson?

Well, should he? Should Norm MacDonald take over for the ostensibly more chipper Craig Ferguson? The idea boggles the mind, but Colin Quinn, Mike Ward, Ben Hoffman, and Russell Peters have tweeted their approval for a MacDonald late-night takeover. I find it somewhat difficult to root for MacDonald when there are at least 15 excellent female candidates who'd be very welcome additions to the late-night realm, but maybe he's worth another look.

First of all, Norm should give himself credit for his interview skills. Here, he singlehandedly saves Conan O'Brien's conversation with Courtney Thorne-Smith.

In this Howard Stern clip, Norm discusses (at 13:00) getting a phone call from Letterman, who enjoyed his impersonation on “SNL.” He even backed up his point by bashing another “SNL” alum.

And if you want to see what a Norm-hosted talk show might look like, check out his YouTube show “Norm MacDonald live” where — at 25:00 — he discusses his “reasons” for gaining weight. It is kind of a scream.

Would Norm kill in the “specific role” of late night host?