Aziz Ansari Finds Himself Doing Whatever He Can To Get That 5-Star Uber Rating On ‘SNL’

Entertainment Writer

The quest for a 5-star Uber rating is important to some folks out there. Not only does it create a layer of confidence between you and other users, but there’s that status involved. If you’re a 5-star user, you might get better service than someone who is lower. It also might make someone think you’re a better person, which is important because someone who cares about an Uber rating might not actually be a good person.

I’m happy with my 3.0 rating because it’s my car and my rules, but SNL put together a fine sketch to show the toll it might take on some people. Aziz Ansari stands opposite Bobby Moynihan as Uber driver Petro and they’re both dealt a blow thanks to their 3.9 ratings. To rectify this, both decide to turn their time together into a 5-star evening without the other knowing. This leads to massages, odd musical choices, and a realization that sometimes it just takes some decency to ensure someone gets that top rating.

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