Emma Stone Goes Back To School For Her Very Positive ‘SNL’ Monologue

Entertainment Writer

When you haven’t hosted the show in five years, it’s fine to treat SNL like a big high school reunion. Some of the faces have changed over five years, but there’s more than enough familiarity to go around for Emma Stone to reminisce. The only complaint here is that it’s the one monologue where dancing and singing would make sense for the host, they decide to go for a sillier monologue. Still, it’s nice and fun enough for the run up to the holidays. Why not be a little more positive after weeks of serious openings and Kristen Wiig nostalgia trips.

Beck Bennett getting the snub might be the funniest part, along with the llama just hanging out in the halls of 30 Rock. There’s also Vanessa Bayer not remembering the names of the movies she has been in recently. That’s what Lorne Michaels does to folks who work at SNL for long periods of time. Poison their water, control their minds, and keep them in the fold.

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