Song Of The Day: Beastie Boys reveal new ‘Make Some Noise’

Beastie Boys’ “Make Some Noise” made it onto the leak list this week, so instead of trying to plug it up, the trio just let it rip.

The track is posted in full on the veteran hip-hop group’s website; it’s culled from their forthcoming studio set “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2” and was previewed in Adam Yauch’s Sundance short “Fight for Your Right Revisited.”

I loved it then, and I love it now. The live drum thunk, the vocal reverb and those killer synth lines may be enough to part you from your money, as you throw it in the air.

“Hot Sauce” is out on May 3. It comes after a long wait since 2007’s “The Mix-Up” and after it was announced in 2009 that MCA (Yauch) was battling cancer.

Hold fast, ye heathens.