‘Spider-Gwen’ fan trailer drops Emma Stone into an amazing alternate reality

It”s been slightly over a year since Gwen Stacy debuted as Spider-Woman in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2. Peter Parker”s long dead girlfriend got a jolt of new life as the superhero savior of Earth-65. Almost overnight, “Spider-Gwen” exploded into a pop culture phenomenon not seen since Harley Quinn was created for “Batman: The Animated Series.”

Within months, Spider-Gwen cosplay was popping up everywhere and she was given her own on-going series. Since its debut in February 2015, SPIDER-GWEN has consistently been in the Top 20 comic book sales. Her popularity is so high, Spider-Gwen even got her own variant cover month back in June.

Now Vulture has dared to wonder what the onscreen Spider-Verse would look like if Emma Stone donned Gwen”s pink and white suit to save the city.

The only thing that would”ve made it better? If Vulture had managed to work in this cover of The Mary Janes hit single “Face It Tiger” by Married with Sea Monsters. The Earth-65 band consists of Mary Jane (Em Jay) Watson, Gwen Stacy, Glory Grant, and Sophia Sanduval.

[Via Vulture]