Did You Notice These ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Easter Eggs And Cameos?

The video above and the following paragraphs contain spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming. I swear to Robert Downey Jr’s meticulous goatee, if one of you guttersnipes complains about clearly-marked spoilers, I will figure out how to create my own Mark XLII armor just like Tony Stark’s and wear it while writing a scurrilous poem about you.

This spectacular Spider-Man just landed a successful opening weekend, helped in part by positive word of mouth and a more interesting villain than most (all?) Marvel movies. Now Mr. Sunday Movies, who’s previously broken down a Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer and other superhero movies, is back with a spoiler-filled roundup of the bigger Easter eggs and references Homecoming has to offer.

He didn’t mention some of the most obscure references (like the license plate referencing Vulture’s first appearance in the comics), but he did hit the most important notes viewers may have missed. Case in point, how many viewers caught that Donald Glover’s character was talking about Miles Morales when he mentioned his nephew? How many people needed to have the Scorpion post-credits scene explained to them? How many people laughed to find out Jennifer Connelly is playing an A.I. voice assistant much like JARVIS, who is played by her rea-life husband Paul Bettany? And how many people cheered upon hearing Zendaya’s character call herself “MJ,” suggesting a potential colorblind casting of Mary Jane? And how many people immediately started drafting an “I’m not racist, but…” hot take on Facebook? Actually, scratch that last question; I don’t need to know some people.

(Via Mr. Sunday Movies and Mike Sampson)