The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailer Hints At A Larger Marvel Connection With Its Easter Eggs

We were greeted by two trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming to close out the week, part of the blitz ahead of the holiday film season, and that means more speculation and more Easter eggs. We’ve covered a few so far, including that slew of Star Wars references in Peter’s bedroom. But it turns out there’s much more to talk about and Mr. Sunday Movies manages to bring plenty of interesting stuff to the surface. One of the biggest could be the film’s connection the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a nice touch now that everything is under the same roof.

The clip above spends plenty of time talking about Spider-Man’s new wings, but makes sure to point out that there’s no use for them in the comics. They aren’t actual wings in the comics, but more of a cosmetic thing to drive the whole “spider” thing home. This doesn’t seem to be the same in the film, with the wings actually working to help the hero glide and fly around. It’s fitting since we have flying spiders now, so why not have a flying Spider-Man.

The webbing is another interesting aspect of the clip above, especially with the return to web cartridges as opposed to the organic webbing we saw in the Sam Raimi films. Spider-Man running out of webbing was always a concern in the books, as boring as it might seem. It’d be something nice to toss into the films, but also opens up the new compounds and new types of webbing that we’ve seen in the past. Given Tony Stark’s influence over this version of Peter Parker, why not have that science aspect going full force.

Speaking of that Tony Stark influence, the villains of the film are dealing with some tech that seems to have a lot in common with Iron Man’s tech from those previous Marvel films. As the video notes, The Tinkerer is in the movie and is behind working out some of these gadgets used by the villains. There is the tool being used on the ATM machine early on, the cannon being wielded by the Vulture above, and this glove-like contraption that looks very similar to one of Iron Man’s gloves:

We know there’s precedent for this sort of thing, seeing how Hydra was using the alien technology left behind by the invasion in The Avengers film and how random criminals had their hands on some during the Marvel One-Shot, Item 47. With aliens just dying all over the place, Iron Man blowing up suits left and right, and Hydra taking over the government before everything gets leaked to the public ahead of their destruction, there are plenty of opportunities for criminals or pretty much anybody to get their hands on some of advanced technology. No need for bolt cutters and a crowbar when you’ve got a super alien laser glove.

None of this really indicates this will be a “good” Spider-Man film, but it does seem to have many of the hallmarks of the Marvel method of success. Having some of the above is just added benefit.

(Via Mr. Sunday Movies)