Mark Hamill Breaks Down Luke Skywalker’s Many Action-Figure Forms

Entertainment Editor


You’ll be hard-pressed to name someone who has been immortalized in little plastic man form more than Mark Hamill. Starting over four decades ago, he debuted in cardboard and plastic Star Wars packaging and Luke Skywalker has seen countless action-figure forms since. They haven’t all been great, and some are plain weird. All are possibly beloved by Hamill, who may or may not have a tiny army of himself in his home somewhere.

So for his ever-entertaining Twitter account, Hamill broke down four iconic phases of the Luke Skywalker action-figure. Considering there are probably dozens (hundreds?) of variations of Luke, these four show just a small sample size, but they are worthy of your time.

The most interesting is the Floating in a Bacta tank Luke from Empire Strikes Back. They’ll make an action figure out of every possible version of Luke, won’t they? Even Big Jacket Luke™.

Those examples show off the wide range of Lukes over the years, but Hamill didn’t point out possibly the best Luke: the Balloon Animal Luke Skywalker™.

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