A ‘Star Wars’ Fan Imagines ‘The Force Awakens’ Ending If It Were Just A Few Seconds Longer

*Spoilers for The Last Jedi below*

For two years, Star Wars fans wondered exactly how Luke Skywalker was going to react to Rey presenting his dad’s lightsaber to him on his island hideaway. Would the memories come rushing back, revitalizing his purpose and sending him heroically off to help his sister Leia and the resistance?

No. Turns out he chucked the old, blue lightsaber over his shoulder and decided to march down to the beach where he could suck on some blue milk instead. The unexpected twist wrinkled plenty of fans, but Luke’s insistence that he was done fighting an unwinnable battle after inadvertently helping turn his nephew to the dark side. His time would now be spent with space nuns and learning how to fish with a giant spear.

But what if there weren’t two years in-between that lightsaber non-handoff? What if J.J. Abrams just extended the last scene of The Force Awakens in conjunction with his own baton pass to Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi? It would turn out something like what Jacob Martin made here.

Instead of a dramatic switcheroo, we’d have two years of fan theories explaining why Luke had to be such a jerk to this person he just met.

(Via i09)