‘Supergirl’ Gets Political On This Weeky’s Geeky TV

Last week on Supergirl, yet again nobody thought to ask a bunch of obvious questions about the sudden return of Supergirl’s adoptive father. Also Alex said something so profoundly cruel to Kara she’ll be making up for it for the rest of her life. But all that will have to wait as Supergirl is about to get, likely accidentally, political.

The exact plot is Jeremiah stole a registry the U.S. keeps of its aliens. The plan, naturally, is for the xenophobic Cadmus to abduct all the aliens and deport them against their will. And boy is this metaphor intentional.

Granted, the idea of a group of people forcing a bunch of citizens onto a rocket (which knowing Lillian Luthor is headed straight to the sun) would have a certain frisson of political relevance in America no matter what. Immigration, documented or otherwise, has been a national issue for decades. Still, in light of beloved community figures, abuse survivors, and people with brain tumors getting hauled off to detention facilities, it’s either prescient or a direct protest.

This interestingly marks the second CW superhero show to get political this season, with Arrow‘s well-meaning if ultimately toothless gun violence episode. We’ll see what happens when Supergirl fights Luthor’s attempts to deport all the undocumented immigrants to planets she doesn’t have business with tonight at 8pm on the CW. Join us, won’t you?