‘Supernatural’ creator Eric Kripke and producers celebrate 200 episodes

VANCOUVER, BC. Three weeks ago, I had a position on the 200th Episode Gala red carpet for The CW's “Supernatural,” a little-show-that-could that has gone from being seemingly near cancellation a few years ago to taking a regular place as one of the network's steadiest hits. 

Over the course of nearly two hours of red carpet time, I had swift and efficient conversations with many of the people who make the '67 Impala that is “Supernatural” hum and purr.

I talked with stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, who have anchored “Supernatural” from the beginning, but also with co-stars including fan favorites Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard and Internet favorite Felicia Day, plus a trio of writers and producers.

With the 200th “Supernatural” episode airing on Tuesday (November 11), I'll be running those quick Q&As in three parts, starting this this series of red carpet chats with a slew of the key creative forces from “Supernatural” past and present.

“Supernatural” has gone through several writers' room waves and I talked to featured players from several of those waves starting with series creator Eric Kripke, who ran the show in its infancy, but then went off to work on other projects, including NBC's “Revolution.” 

I also chatted with Robert Singer, who has been a “Supernatural” writer-director-producer from the very beginning, providing continuity through several showrunning administrations. 

And I gabbed with Adam Glass, an EP and writer who counts as a relative newcomer because his first credits didn't come until 2010.