DC’s Sudden Decision To Cancel ‘Swamp Thing’ After One Episode Has Confused And Upset Fans

DC Universe

Barely a week after its pilot episode premiered on the DC Universe streaming service, the new Swamp Thing series has been canceled. Deadline initially reported the news, which was subsequently confirmed by other trade and digital entertainment outlets. Despite the general agreement that Swamp Thing had in fact been canceled, however, no one really seemed to know why it had happened. Writer John Gholson, however, suggested that it had to do with North Carolina’s recent correction of a tax rebate error.

“North Carolina promised a $40m tax rebate that, due to a paperwork error, they were unable to deliver,” he wrote on Twitter without providing a source. “When NC discovered the error, the[y] corrected.”

The problem was that the estimated budget for Swamp Thing season one was around $80 million. With the presumed rebate, Warner Bros. assumed they would be getting half of that back from the state. Following the correction, however, the initial figure of $40 million was reduced to around $14 million. As Gholson put it, “That’s a massive difference.”

He offered some recently reported articles from local North Carolina news outlets to back up his claims, which ran counter to initial educated guesses about creative differences and other pre-cancellation woes. Either way, it seems Swamp Thing is no more at DC Universe, and folks aren’t too happy about it after shelling out for the streaming service.

Perhaps the angriest, however, are the fans who signed up for DC Universe subscriptions because of the series.

But hey, that’s okay — at least the streamer is getting Watchmen in July!

(Via Deadline)