Syfy Picks Up Chris Meloni’s ‘Happy!’ And The Superman Prequel Series ‘Krypton’

Syfy has announced two new shows coming to the network next season: One we’ve been hearing about for a long while, Krypton, and the other we never thought we’d see, Happy! Yes, with an exclamation point, and that’s not the strangest thing about it.

That Krypton was headed to series isn’t a huge surprise. A trailer illegally leaked a few weeks back, which all but confirmed the show was set for at least one season. Following Superman’s grandfather as a young man, and his tragic love affair with a scion of the House of Zod, the series promises to be a fun slice of pulp that will occasionally remember it’s based on a comic book, much like Gotham, although probably Krypton will feature fewer characters murdered with rocket launchers.

Happy!, however, is a lot weirder. Based on the Grant Morrison comic book, Happy! is the name of the blue flying cartoon horse Nick Sax (Chris Meloni) is playing. Who is Nick Sax? He’s drunken, drug-addled ex-cop and current hitman who’s burned his life to the ground, so the question becomes whether Happy is real in some form, or Nick has just finally blown a gasket. And since Happy is telling Nick he belongs to a kidnapped little girl, that question has some considerable urgency. Yes, it is very weird. We cannot wait. Both series will debut as part of the 2017-2018 TV season later this year.