Tell us what you thought of ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

I don't know why I expected Doug Liman's “Edge of Tomorrow” to be a misfire — maybe the change of title (it was originally, more intriguingly, named “All You Need is Kill”) suggested a lack of studio confidence, maybe the marketing materials looked a bit drab, or maybe the memory of Liman's last big-budget actioner (the terrible “Jumper”) cast a dark shadow over the project. Whatever the case, this nifty time-loop sci-fi adventure appears to have exceeded critical expectations.

The initial reviews got my attention, and after catching up with it after its UK release last week, I must say I concur with the consensus: it's a clever, high-concept slab of summer entertainment that wholly delivers the goods for its first half. It tapered off a little for me in its final act, but not ruinously so; Drew McWeeny is an even bigger fan, describing it (in a good way) as “the perfect video-game movie.” But what about you? Do you think the critics have largely called this one right, or are you no longer buying Tom Cruise in this sort of thing? Share your thoughts in the comments when/if you see it, and vote in the poll below.