Tell us what you thought of ‘Snowpiercer’

Better late than never, as they say — and for the longest time, it looked rather as if it could be closer to “never” when it came to a US release date for “Snowpiercer.” The Chris Evans-starring sci-fi thriller from Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho was released in the director's homeland 11 months ago, but famously got caught up in an(other) editing dispute with The Weinstein Company, with even the film's actors getting vocally involved in the fallout. In the end, Bong prevailed, and his cut of the film finally hits US screens in limited release today. So, is it worth the wait?

After chasing the film around the festival circuit for a while, I finally caught up with “Snowpiercer” myself last week, and was happy to find it a rattling fun-ride — not a complete home run for me, not least because the vastness of its post-apocalyptic premise exceeds my suspension of disbelief, but a must-see all the same. Evans is as good as I've ever seen him, while Tilda Swinton — who, as Greg noted earlier this week, is having a good year — is serving up slice after delicious slice of vinegar-glazed ham. I got a kick out of it, then, as did HitFix's Drew McWeeny, but what about you? Share your thoughts in the comments if/when you've seen the film, and vote in our poll below.