‘Fringe’ predicted ‘Batman v Superman.’ Will it be right about ‘Indiana Jones’?

Spoilers for Fringe ahead.

Mindy Kaling predicted the female cast-led Ghostbusters. Did Fringe predict another 2016 blockbuster (or blockbuster wannabe)?

Fringe fanatics are well aware of what Over There”s Back to the Future looked like (a lot less Michael J. Fox and a lot more Eric Stoltz and probably a lot less iconic). A movie theater marquee advertising that alternate universe version of Back to the Future prominently filled the frame of a shot in mid-season 2 episode “Peter,” set in 1985.

But some Fringe fans may not have noticed or remembered the marquee that appeared in the season 2 finale.

Turns out a re-watch of that game-changer finale, “Over There: Part 2,” which aired in 2010, reveals a marquee tucked in the corner of a shot that”ll get a chuckle out of anyone in 2016 Over Here.

Those airship-flying bastards. They actually got a decent DC superhero-vs.-superhero movie (or two!). I assume. I mean, neither Superman vs. Batman nor Superman vs. Batman 2 could have been that much worse a mess than Batman v Superman.

Well, I suppose we got the better end of that whole deal. In Drew”s Movie God game, I”d take our Michael J. Fox Back to the Future over even the best possible iteration of Batman v Superman any day.

Now, yes, Fringe didn”t really predict Batman v Superman. The Caped Crusader of course went head-to-head with the Man of Steel most famously in the 1986 comic mini-series The Dark Knight Returns. And that gladiator match-up had been considered for the big screen before, including as a follow-up to 2006″s Superman Returns. (Worth noting: Fringe is a Warner Bros. Television production, under the same roof as BvS.)

Okay, but take another look at that marquee: There”s also Indiana Jones & The Hex of the Hydra (likely better than Crystal Skull. The Hydra of Greek and Roman myth has gotta fit better into Indy”s world than aliens. Though now my brain”s going to Marvel/Indy crossover places…) Also on those marquees: what I can barely make out as Star Wars: Legion of the Droids and Splash.

The Fringe guys, probably very aware that the sequel/reboot-obsessed state of Hollywood would only intensify, were definitely having some fun with their exciting season 2 conclusion.