The Shocking End To ‘The Flash’ Finale Has Fans Freaking Out About What’s Next

05.23.17 10 months ago 10 Comments


This season of The Flash hasn’t been overwhelmingly adored by fans, but the overall story arc has had some resonant emotional moments and solidified Team Flash as a unit of people that would do anything for each other. Even Barry, who continues to travel through time even though every single time he choose to do so someone else dies, loses a family member, or simply has something world changing things happen to them that can’t be reversed. But that’s fine Barry, you keep doing whatever you want even though it has not worked out for you even one single time.

The finale found Team Flash trying one last time to save the life of Iris West, the love of Barry’s life who was ruthlessly murdered by Savitar (AKA future Barry) during the penultimate episode of the season. Seemingly every single option had been exhausted to avoid such a fate for Iris, but she died anyway. That is, until the finale when the show managed to save Iris West but at the expense of other people: Barry Allen and HR. In a shocking moment for many fans, it was revealed that the Iris killed by Savitar was actually HR in disguise and Iris was safe and sound. Then, Barry sacrificed himself to the Speed Force in order to save his fiancé and passed the torch to the new (and hopefully not so time travel-obsessed) Flash, Wally West.

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