‘The Flash’ Gets Bananas On This Week’s Geeky TV

Two weeks ago on The Flash, nobody paid attention because we were too distracted by the idea of a gorilla fight. Why, precisely, the CW didn’t air this episode on Valentine’s Day is utterly beyond us, because nothing says love like Grant Gustin pummeling an ape at 300 punches per second. Or, for that matter, Tom Felton going full Professor Challenger. It’s a bit adorable how excited Julian is to be going to an ape dimension. We’ll see how much he regrets it at 8pm EST on the CW

Meanwhile, on Legends of Tomorrow, they’re just diving feet first into their Doctor Who With Superheroes concept, and you can practically hear the writing staff giggle as they send our heroes back to merry olde England to meet King Arthur, and likely punch Lancelot, because what a douche that guy is. We’ll see if Sara breaks off Excalibur where the sun doesn’t shine at 9pm EST, also on the CW.

Finally, Agents Of SHIELD wraps up the Tuesday superhero block with a good old-fashion pod people attack. Well, OK, so technically they’re androids, but at the climax of last week’s episode, Fitz and Simmons figured out that Coulson, Daisy, the Director, and Mack were all replaced with Life Model Decoys. So that’s not good. We’ll find out just how not good tonight at 10pm EST, on ABC. Join us, won’t you?