‘The Flash’ Has A ‘Glee’ Reunion On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on The Flash, Jay basically stepped in and cleaned up everybody’s mess, Jessie proved she was better at being a speedster than either Wally or Barry, and Barry finally realized that maaaaaybe his relationship with Iris is a bit unhealthy. So this week we’re going to take a break from all that while everybody sings, thanks to a supervillain from Earth-1 biting off more than he can chew.

For those unfamiliar, Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin are both alumni of Glee, so basically this was a crossover designed for Twitter to have lots of silly hashtags and share GIFs. Fortunately, they won’t be carrying the show by themselves, as most of the cast has some fairly impressive pipes of their own. That’ll be at 8pm EST on the CW. And right after…

Yes, the Legends are going back in time to World War I, since that’s about the only era they haven’t yet mined for hijinks. Not, mind you, that we’re complaining, because as this show has unfolded, it’s gleefully gone where the other CW shows seemingly can’t in terms of ridiculousness. Next week’s episode is literally called “Doomworld.” Find us another show that could get away with that episode title. Really they need to let Ollie and Barry be a bit goofier. Anyway, we’ll see how the Legends handle the trenches at 9pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?