‘The Flash’ Fights Himself In This Week’s Geeky TV

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05.09.17 2 Comments

You know how people say that your greatest enemy is often yourself? The Flash took that to heart, last episode, as Barry’s ego and refusal to accept that he can’t save everybody has finally caught up with him. Also, well, some spoilers below. So, if you haven’t seen last week’s episode yet, enjoy this GIF and go catch it!

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Still here? So yeah, Barry is literally his own worst enemy: Savitar is future Barry with some stylish facial scarring, who we will call Other Barry because hey, the shoe fits. Thankfully, Barry being kind of an ass this season is relevant to the overall plot, in that his mistakes pile up and break his mind. Unfortunately, this also means that anything Barry experiences in the present, Other Barry remembers. So, Cisco decides, why wait, and erases Barry’s memories in what will surely be a wacky episode full of misunderstandings. And also possibly violence, considering Other Barry probably isn’t a fan of being lobotomized.

Oh, also, Caitlin is still evil, although Cisco has some of her blood and is working on a cure. Whether he’ll find out is an open question, but, hey, he has to try; he can’t be the only one doing the science at STAR Labs. We’ll see how Barry and Other Barry get along without a brain between them tonight at 8pm ET on the CW. Join us, won’t you?

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