‘The Flash’ Pulls A Heist On This Week’s Geeky TV

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05.16.17 20 Comments

Last week on The Flash, we met the man behind Savitar, made a lot of Archer jokes, and the episode ended with Barry needing some technology from the Dominators to power HR’s Speed Bazooka (which would also make an awesome band name.) Unfortunately that technology is in a locked room, a locked room that has King Shark in it as a guard dog, so Barry needs a thief. Fortunately for him, he knows just the guy. Welcome back, Captain Cold!

Barry is on the clock: The future he saw happens in 24 hours, and he needs to stop it or else Savitar will exist because he kills Iris, in what’s a fairly convoluted origin even for a supervillain. But, we’re sure throwing in with a supervillain who isn’t a member of his fan club won’t have repercussions at all. Of course, changing the future could also have repercussions, but hey, that’s why they’ve got a fourth season.

The title of the episode, by the way, is a nice little nod to an important DC Comics figure, Carmine Infantino, who helped create the modern version of the Flash we know and love. We’ll see how Flash’s heisting skills are tonight at 8pm ET on the CW. Join us, won’t you?

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