‘The Flash’ Gets Hacked On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on The Flash, Barry escaped the Speed Force, patched things up with everybody but Iris, and Cisco started dating again. This week, the Flash gets his butt kicked by his own pants.

OK, OK, so really he’s going up against a supervillain who can control technology, right as Barry is trying out a fancy new suit for the first time, and that doesn’t go well. Also not going well is his relationship with Iris. So they’re going to couples therapy, which probably will be even less fun for Barry. We’ll find out tonight at 8pm EST on the CW. And immediately after…

No, it’s not that freaky season of American Horror Story, it’s 1870 and the Legends of Tomorrow are trying to fix a chronal anachronism in P.T. Barnum’s “best show on Earth.” That is, believe it or not, historically accurate: Barnum, a man of many hats, was both an elected politician and the ringleader of his circus in 1870. You in the back, no jokes about how nothing has changed. Anyway, surely nothing will go wrong when a squad of super-powered time travelers visit a circus that isn’t supposed to exist, right? We’ll find out at 9pm EST on the CW. Join us, won’t you?