The National’s Matt Berninger and Civil Wars’ Joy Williams duet for AMC’s ‘Turn’

The National's Matt Berninger and the Civil Wars' Joy Williams have collaborated on the theme for the new AMC show “Turn.” Listen to “Hush” in the opening credit sequence below.

The song”s suspenseful, gothic folk sound sets the mood for the period drama, which recounts how spies played a key role during the Revolutionary War. “Turn” premieres on Sunday, April 6 at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.

In a press release, both Williams and Berninger said they became quick fans of the show. “When I was filled in on the premise of ‘Turn,” and when I saw the pilot in advance, I was hooked,” Williams said. Berninger added: “I was excited about this show from the second I heard about it, so it was a big thrill when Joy asked me to help write the theme song.” 

Watch our editor Katie Hasty”s recent interview with Matt Berninger below the “Turn” clip.