It Turns Out The End Of ‘Logan’ Was Predicted Back In ‘The Wolverine’

WARNING: Spoilers for Logan are ahead, so heed the warning if you hate being spoiled or haven’t seen the movie. Not sure what you’re waiting for, but this is a warning.

Writers have almost picked Logan clean for its secrets, Easter eggs, and references up to this point. The film owned the box office upon its release and provided a proper end to the Wolverine saga — and possible the current iteration of the X-Men franchise. If you’ve seen the film, you’re well aware why, but you’re also aware that none of it really affects the enjoyment watching Logan. It stands well on its own and is a pretty good movie. Is it the greatest comic film of all time or a film that’s going to buzz at the Awards shows? Probably not, but everybody sells with hyperbole these days.

That said, it does hold a few more surprises for fans of the series and fans of James Mangold’s take on the character. As it turns out, a passing glimpse into the future from The Wolverine turned out to finally come true at the end of Logan. Head below the violent gif to get to the spoiler material.

When Wolverine is adventuring in Japan during The Wolverine, he meets up with Yukio — played by Rila Fukushima — who possesses some mutant powers that make her a great fighter and allow her to see people’s deaths. She does this to Logan in the film, telling him she sees him “covered in blood” and “holding your own heart.” It seems that it’s referencing the whole heart parasite scene later in that film, but one attentive person on Twitter saw that wasn’t the case.

And while it could just be written off as a coincidence, James Mangold himself gives it his seal of approval:

Now while it isn’t mindblowing to see a later film reference events from a previous film, it does show the attention to detail that went into these productions. It could’ve easily stayed a throwaway in The Wolverine, but now it has been turned into something special to put that cherry on top of Hugh Jackman’s exit from the series.

(Via Screen Crush)