‘Logan’ Director James Mangold On The Fates Of Wolverine And Charles Xavier

03.05.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

(Ahead, the director of Logan, James Mangold, discusses with us the ending of his movie. If you haven’t seen Logan and don’t want the ending spoiled, you should not keep reading. This is your only warning.)

Hugh Jackman has made it clear that Logan would be his last time playing Wolverine. And if you’re reading this, you are well aware that this was not an idle threat, as Wolverine finally found peace in the form of his own death.

Director James Mangold, for his part, realizes that Wolverine’s death (and Charles Xavier’s death) wouldn’t be a huge surprise to audiences who were kind of expecting this. “The deaths were, well, in a way, we all knew they were coming,” says Mangold, who barely thinks of these as spoilers. So, in his mind, it wasn’t the fact these two beloved characters were going to be killed, it was more about giving them the proper sendoff that fans would appreciate.

“You know you have to do it right,” says Mangold. He continues, “The ‘do it right’ part, you can only do by your own sense, meaning my idea of doing it right. And I think this was Hugh’s idea as well: to do it with the dramatic commitment of any serious film we’d make.”

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