The Worst TV Shows of 2013 from The Fien Print

A lot of these shows were covered in the Firewall & Iceberg Worst of 2013 podcast, but hopefully some of it will be new. 
Those of you who regularly read my Worst Of… lists know that I have a very simple rule: I have to watch the shows I insult. Regularly. Or at least semi-regularly. I’ll leave it to others to mock the “Billion Pound Scrotum” or Honey Boo-Boos of the world, either because they actually suffer through that crap or because they like to insult things sight-unseen. That’s not the way I list things, which confuses people every single year. I’m not sure why it’s confusing. I list shows I actually KNOW were bad and didn’t mysteriously get better, rather than writing off a show based on an awful pilot and then hearing from fans that things got miraculously awesome. Whatever.
Because there were so many so-so network shows this fall, I found myself giving much more time to tracking the progress of the initialy mediocrities — “Tomorrow People,” “Mom,” “Reign,” etc — and much less time sticking with the truly bad pilots. “Betrayal,” for example, was the dullest pilot I’ve ever watched, but since I didn’t bother tuning in for another second, it’s not in this gallery. “Hostages” was slightly less dull than “Betrayal,” so I watched a second episode, but not a third, meaning it’s not in this gallery either. [I stuck both shows on my Dishonorable Mentions slide, but I didn’t tear them to pieces the way I did with my actual “Worst” entries.]
And, as always, “Worst” for me has many meanings. Some of the shows here are just plain horrible as pieces of entertainment. Some of them, however, were just so disappointing that they left me crushed in a different way.
Anyway, this is my list and I make my own darned rules. So maybe I should just call it my Bottom 10 of 2013? 
There are only two shows making return appearances in my Bottom 10. The most interesting exclusion was HBO’s “True Blood.” I had it in my preliminary Bottom 10, but realized when I tried to think back on awful moments, but I remembered NOTHING from this past season. Warlow? Who’s that. So as much as I love to mock “True Blood,” a forgettable season, even a season THIS forgettable, constitutes a genuine improvement. It’s in the Dishonorable Mention field as well.
Anyway… Check out my list and tell me I’m wrong. You’re probably not gonna change my opinion! And sound off with your own least favorites.