This Lois Lane pin-up statue may have clues to future BOMBSHELLS storylines

As you may know, I”m a pretty huge fan of DC Comics” line of Bombshells. From the statues to the new comic to exploring the world these ladies inhabit, I am all aboard for feminist pin-ups.

I”m also a pretty loud proponent of getting Lois Lane her own stand-alone comic. So when I found out the next DC lady to get the Bombshell treatment was The Daily Planet”s star reporter, I couldn”t wait to get my hands on her.

Lucky for me, DC was willing to oblige. Designed by Ant Lucia and sculpted by Adam Ross, Bombshell Lois is wearing the traditional uniform of a plucky 1940s reporter – a pinstripe vest, a pageboy cap, and PANTS. Standing proud, Lois holds up her scoop on Metropolis”s latest caped hero.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

But wait! What”s this? As the official press photo is designed to give you a look at Lois in all her 12” resin glory it”s hard to make out. But the caped wonder who stunned the city? Not Superman. Nope!


Image Credit: DC Entertainment

That”s Supergirl! Specifically Bombshell Supergirl. And because you get quality when you shell out $125 on a statue, the story even continues on the back page. As an added bonus, even the date of the paper is important. July 25th was the date the BOMBSHELLS CHAPTER 1 by Marguerite Bennett, with art by Marguerite Sauvage was released.

As we now know, Supergirl isn”t American in this universe. So could Lois Lane”s statue be dropping future story hints as to how the last daughter of Krypton ingratiates herself to the American public? Only time will tell.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Bombshell Lois Lane is on sale now wherever superhero statues are sold!