This ‘manned up’ trailer parody of ‘Ghostbusters’ is hilarious and all too real

We're almost there, Paul Feig's Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15th. Though there's still some folks who are unhappy and thankfully someone finally did something about it. Move over ladies, the GhostBROsters are here.

“The Ghostbusters reboot is coming to theaters this summer and many have complained about the all-female cast,” write XVP Comedy on YouTube. “So Columbia pictures (AKA XVP Comedy) has pulled all the stops to bring you the MANNED up version sans females. Who you gonna call? The choice is yours!”

Yes, it's true. For those who aren't happy with the film, XVP Comedy has graciously “digitally altered the entire film to give you exactly what you want.” (Beware, this video might be considered NSFW, particularly after 1:36 in the video.)

I've watched it three times already and still haven't caught every ridiculous thing they've inserted. Kate McKinnon is drinking a Four Loko, people!

But in case you were worried this satire might go over some people's heads and they'd continue acting just as ridiculous as they have the last twelve months…you'd be right.

Would you look at that? Jon Snow actually does know something!

But to those who still feel it's super important they let the world know how much they do not like the idea of this movie at every available opportunity, I give you this piece of internet gold.

[via Spinoff Online]