Three more ‘Transformers’ movies are coming in 2017, 2018, and 2019

02.12.16 3 years ago

Good news for fans of Michael Bay and the Transformers franchise: you're getting at least three more films, and Paramount just announced the release dates!

Transformers 5, which will probably get a wordier title at some point, will come out on June 23, 2017. If that date sounds familiar to you, it might be because Wonder Woman is supposed to open on the same day, until and unless Warner Bros. blinks and reschedules it. Transformers 5 will again be directed by Michael Bay and star Mark Wahlberg.

Transformers 6 will come out about a year later, on June 8, 2018. That date had already been set aside for another Warner Bros. film, Godzilla 2. And Transformers 7 is set for release on June 28, 2019. No word yet on who will star or direct those films, but maybe by 2018, Shia LaBeouf will be willing to star in big action movies again and big action movies will be willing to cast him. 

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