Tom Hiddleston posing for Red Nose Day charity will explode your ovaries


After a long drought punctuated only by the “Crimson Peak trailer”, Hiddlestoners rejoice! UK charity Comic Relief teamed up with local celebrities – including Hiddleston – to raise money, awareness. and fangirl blood pressure.

Image via CNLive

Of course, one image isn”t the end of it. Comic Relief released a behind-the-scenes video featuring everyone from Lily Allen to Simon Pegg to Hiddles. It didn”t take long for the Internet to isolate the important part.

[Via Celebitchy]

Partnering with UK retailer T.K. Maxx, a variety of Red Nose Day shirts will be available for a limited time, with proceeds going to help end poverty around the world. In 2013 alone, the Red Nose Day designer t-shirt collection raised £3.7 million ($5.6 million USD).

So go buy a shirt and then just keep staring at these images…for charity. Yeah, that”s it.


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