Tom Holland Wants To Do A ‘Spider-Man’ Deep Cut For A Future Film

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It’s always fun to see actors really embracing their roles, and Tom Holland, our latest friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, is really going all-in on Marvel lore. As the release date for Spider-Man: Homecoming draws near, Holland is getting the chance to show off his Peter Parker knowledge more and more. In an interview with Cinemablend, Holland expressed interest in doing a comic deep cut for an eventual film.

“There are so many things we have not seen in Spider-Man yet … I want to use bad guys never seen in movies. The first films were so traditional, and so scrupulously followed the character’s classic plot … So there’s a lot of stuff left in stock. The Clone Saga, for example. It would be so cool… I could play seven characters. That means seven checks! And I like the idea of having characters in front of Spider-Man who have the same powers as him. … It would make sense, because cloning is more or less coming true. It would make sense to talk about that. Like a villain who would say, ‘This kid has super powers, I want twenty like him who fight for me. I’ll take one of his hairs and try to clone him.’ And obviously, it would go wrong!”

A controversial storyline from the mid 90s, The Clone Saga brought several Peter Parker doppelgängers into the mix, including Ben Reilly, a.k.a. Scarlet Spider. This particular storyline was criticized for being excessively convoluted and focusing on Ben instead of the comic darling Peter, but it would certainly be a change of pace.

Part of the criticism of the constant rebooting of the Spider-Man universe is that it always manages to return to the very traditional origins, so it would be fun to go for something a bit less orthodox. If the good buzz continues to build for Homecoming, hopefully that’ll give Marvel the confidence to get weird.

(Via Cinemablend)

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