Stephen Colbert Told Tracy Morgan They Auditioned For ‘SNL’ Together Much To Tracy’s Surprise

05.13.17 10 months ago

In another world we could have had Stephen Colbert on SNL and Tracy Morgan hosting the Late Show. (Billie Jean King is the President in this alternate timeline, I imagine.) Colbert and Morgan both auditioned for Saturday Night Live in the ’90s, but only Morgan cracked through to cast member status. The two auditioned on the same day which was an enormous surprise for Colbert’s Late Show guest.

“How do you remember?” asked a shocked Morgan on Friday’s edition of the CBS talk show when Colbert mentioned seeing the comedian’s audition.

“Because I was there,” replied Colbert. “You and I were both there in the final callback going to network in 1996.”

“I never worked with…oh, you didn’t get the job,” said Morgan. “My bad.”

In addition to reminiscing about a nerve-wracking TV audition that only 50% of the chat participants can recall, Morgan also vowed to follow by President Trump‘s example. Not only is he going to have Trump lead by example, but Morgan’s following the man’s actions to the letter.

“He’s the president, and I’m going to follow his example,” he explained. “That’s why I’m going to file for bankruptcy, I’m not going to pay my taxes, and I’m going to grab women by the crotch because I got to do my part to make America great again!”

Tracy Morgan’s new comedy special Staying Alive premieres globally May 16 on Netflix.

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