‘True Detective’ creator: ‘This is a story that began with its ending in mind’

03.10.14 5 years ago

“True Detective” creator: “This is a story that began with its ending in mind”
Nic Pizzolatto talks about what was going through his mind in the writing the season finale, and offers a clue on a likely Season 2: “Okay. This is really early, but I'll tell you (it's about) hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system.” PLUS: Was “True Detective” trolling us?, it was the perfect conclusion to a perfect season, what an underwhelming end to the season, the finale worked because it showed the best example of the buddy cop genre, the finale”s biggest flaw was “Scarred Man,” “True Detective”s” power was the way it made us feel when we watched it, the epilogue made the ending immensely satisfying, the theme song gets an 8-bit makeover, and HBO Go crashed due to “True Detective” demand.

Jennifer Beals joins TNT”s “Proof” from producer Kyra Sedgwick
She”ll play a brilliant female surgeon who investigates reincarnation.

Mindy Kaling: “I'm a f*cking Indian woman who has her own television show”
At SXSW, Kaling talked about the lack of diversity on network TV. “I look at shows on TV – and this is going to seem defensive, but I'm just going to say it – I'm a f*cking Indian woman who has her own television show,” Kaling said. “I have four series regulars that are women on my show, and no one asks these other shows (run by white men) why there are no women or women of color. People have a higher expectation for me. They say, why aren't you doing enough? And the answer is, I always want to do more because people should always be doing as much as they can, but my fulltime job is not casting 'The Mindy Project.”” PLUS: Kaling is writing another book.

“The Simpsons” says goodbye to Edna Krabappel
Last night”s episode formally paid tribute to Marcia Wallace”s character.

Watch President Obama”s “Cosmos” introduction
“The next great discovery could be yours,” the president says in the 30-second intro.

“SNL” ratings tumble with Lena Dunham as host
The “Girls” star had the second-lowest numbers of the season, in the important 18-49 demo. PLUS: Dunham nailed her “SNL” hosting gig.

Watch Julia Roberts in HBO”s “The Normal Heart” teaser
The Ryan Murphy film about the AIDS epidemic also features Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Mark Ruffalo and Taylor Kitsch.

HBO unveils the most action-packed “Game of Thrones” trailer yet
The 3rd Season 3 trailer is called “Secrets.” PLUS: Virtual reality “Game of Thrones” impresses SXSW attendees, and Seth Meyers sits on the Iron Throne.

Jonathan Groff talks “Looking” season finale – and how it educated straight people about gay sex
“It”s certainly not like the intention of the show is to, like, educate straight people about how (gay people) have sex,” he says. “But it”s obviously happening with my friends, and I feel like, 'Wow, what an added bonus that we”re telling some things that maybe people didn”t know.' Isn”t that crazy?” PLUS: “Looking” creator on the future of the series, and Scott Bakula.

Is Peggy Olson the new star of “Mad Men”?
When the final season premieres next month, the AMC series will focus just as much on Elisabeth Moss” character as it has on Don Draper.

Go behind the scenes of Cuba Gooding Jr”s famous Oscar-acceptance speech
Control room footage from the March 1997 Academy Awards, in which Gooding won the best supporting actor for “Jerry Maguire,” has just been released.

“The Walking Dead” has taken on a “Lost” feel this season
Episodes are focusing on different characters week to week.

Watch the “Veep” Season 3 promo
“I”d rather be shot in the face then serve as vice president again.” PLUS: Watch a new “Silicon Valley” promo.

Lifetime unveils the final “Drop Dead Diva” promos
Check out the final season trailer.

“Band of Brothers” veteran dies at 90
William “Wild Bill” Guarnere, who lost a leg during the Battle of the bulge, was portrayed in seven episodes of the HBO miniseries by actor Frank John Hughes.

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