‘Twin Peaks’ Returns: 25 characters we want to see in the Showtime revival

It's an amazing time to be a “Twin Peaks” fan. Not only have we been treated to the insane goodness of that enormous 10-disc (!) Blu-ray set, Showtime and Lynch have also announced an upcoming revival series that will revisit the titular community's peculiar denizens 25 years later – just as Laura Palmer once promised.

In case I haven't expressed this adequately: I am so, so excited for this. Truly overjoyed. I was a major fan of the original show and even the critically-lambasted prequel film “Fire Walk With Me” (despite the admittedly-weird “New Donna” phenomenon), and there are a bunch of characters I'm looking forward to catching up with.

So who will return for David Lynch and Mark Frost's belated followup? With Monday's announcement that Kyle MacLachlan would be reprising his role as Agent Dale Cooper, it got me to thinking of who else I'd like to see when the show premieres next year. From Sherilyn Fenn's sultry Audrey Horne to the cryptic clairvoyant known as the Log Lady to David Duchovny's cross-dressing DEA agent Denise Bryson, below I've highlighted 25 characters I'm hoping to see when the show debuts next year. And true to the world that Lynch and Frost created: death is not a barrier to inclusion.

After scrolling through the list below, let us know which characters you want to see in the comments.