Undead again: ‘Simpsons’ to bring another character out of retirement

At this rate, The Simpsons might have to change the show”s name to Re-Animator.

EW.com is reporting that the long-running cartoon is bringing another fabled character back from the dead. The late Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky (Krusty”s dad, voiced by Jackie Mason) will be back for an episode called “The Nightmare After Krustmas,” but only in a vision. Al Jean, the show”s executive producer, told the publication that in the episode, Krusty converts to Christianity, but during the wintertime baptism, he falls through the ice and starts to hallucinate.  

“Krusty is nearly going to die, so his mind flashes to the hackiest thing it can think of which is a Frozen parody, and then he sees his dad and his dad talks to him in this hallucination,” Jean said. “It”s the last thing Krusty sees before he”s about to die.”

This is the second time in recent days that The Simpsons has brought back a character from the afterlife. Just last week, the show announced that Frank Grimes would make an appearance during the “Treehouse of Horror” episode.

“The Nightmare After Krustmas” is slated to air December 4.