The ‘Venom’ Trailer Didn’t Show Venom, And Twitter Users Are Big Mad And Making Jokes

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02.09.18 7 Comments


“We all have our own problems. Our own issues,” as Tom Hardy said in the role of Eddie Brock in the first trailer for Venom. And right now, the issues some people are having is that they are very Mad Online™ about that trailer not showing Hardy as Venom.

To be fair, there were more hints about the symbiote than some people might have realized. And who doesn’t want to see lots of Tom Hardy, sans CGI? There’s also the matter of the budget. Venom is a lower-budget movie, which gives them freedom to be more violent, but it also means they can’t rush the special effects work or they’d have to pay more. With the film not releasing till October, the special effects probably aren’t trailer-ready.

On the other hand, if the special effects were indeed not trailer-ready, why release a trailer? That’s the argument many people were making on Twitter, with even Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld expressing disappointment:

Thankfully, there were other people who took the whole thing less seriously and made us laugh:

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